Off The Block Games

Rental Agreement

We provide hand crafted, high quality yard games. We rent and sell custom yard games like Cornhole, Jenga, Connect 4, Ladder Golf, and more.


Rental Agreement


Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. At the time of receipt of rented items, the customer agrees to all of the written terms and conditions on this rental contract. The customer also acknowledges that he/she/they is at least 18 years of age and agrees that they have received all of the rental items on their contract in good condition.
  2. Customer agrees to assume full responsibility for all of the rented items during the period of time in which the rentals are in their possession including safe and proper user, operation, maintenance and return to Off The Block Games. Customer is fully responsible for all loss, damage or repair of all items (beyond normal wear and tear) at full value, including protective sleeves, storage crates and/or totes.
  3. If customer fails to return all rented items by the agreed time, the customer agrees to pay for any additional charges that are incurred as a result. If customer refuses to return all the rental items back to Off The Block Games, then customer agrees that Off The Block Games, and it's agents will take all reasonable actions needed in order to recover the rented items without legal process or advance notification.
  4. Please note that games are not made to get wet. If rain is in the forecast for your event, move games indoors in order to avoid damage costs. Do not leave games outside overnight.
  5. The date and time of pick up and return must be coordinated between Off The Block Games and customer.


Terms of Rental Payments

  1. All rentals are billed for 4 days use. Rentals returned late will incur a $25 per day additional charge.
  2. Damage deposit of $100 will be collected at time of rental, and will be fully refundable if games are returned in acceptable condition.
  3. A retainer fee of $50 will be collected at time of scheduling to hold games for date requested. The retainer will be applied towards the balance due.
  4. If cancellation is received 15 days prior to rental date, retainer shall be refunded in full.
  5. Payment can be made through Venmo, credit card, or cash at time of pick up. Personal checks and PayPal will not be accepted.


Release and Liability

  1. It is recognized and understood that the customer is responsible for use of rented items and assumes all risk inherent in the operation of games.
  2. Customer agrees to act responsible and prudent when engaging with the games, to supervise both the equipment is in your possession. You, and your guests, agree to release and hold harmless Off The Block Games, it's principals, directors, officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and anyone else of affiliation from all liability and waive any claim from damage or injury that may arise from use of rental items.